Process Documents

with no human interaction


TagShelf intelligently identifies and classifies your day-to-day documents regardless of format.


TagShelf intelligent search method supports searching by any criteria you have available: dates, words, number, pictures and more. They don’t have to be in the document.


Entries by hand are error-prone and time consuming. TagShelf integrates document data into existing systems.

Additional Benefits


Eliminate filing, copies and off-site services. Replace paper storage space with other revenue generating activities. Reduce downtime in emergencies.


Reports is a dynamic platform that can create charts and tables or incorporate extracted data into dashboards. Providing a complete visualization of relevant business data and allowing for better decision making.


Insights is a big data document analytics and business intelligence platform that leverages machine learning algorithms to extract meaningful and actionable information from often untapped resources.


Your files will always be protected with:

  • Two way hashing for document data.
  • Rijndael cipher (AES) established by NIST.
  • Seeding randomly generated from atmospheric noise.

Our Customers